DJ Format and Abdominal “Still Hungry”

DJ Format and Abdominal “Still Hungry”


Regular readers will know that it isn’t too often that we feature Hip Hop or dance acts. But that tends to mean any acts we do cover are pretty special. That alone should let you know that you’re in for a treat with this record which is a welcome return from DJ Format and Abdominal.

As demonstrated by opener “Still Hungry” this is an act still full of passion for their music. Whilst hip hop in origin, songs like “We’re Back” and “Reflective Meditation” show an appreciation for wider genres including funk, soul and jazz. They also have a kind of ‘live feeling’ which gives it the feel of rock or indie music. Indeed, we first heard the brilliant single, “Behind The Scenes” on Huey Morgan’s six music show. You can see why it would appeal to him, it’s the kind of funky, swaggeringly cool sound he has been trying (but only occasionally achieving) for years!

The other real joy about this album is that it is not trying to be ‘achingly’ current. Songs like “Dirt” and “Forged From Hardship” are as relevant as anything being released by younger acts. But their willingness to address current affairs and mix it up with a more ‘mature’ approach, takes them away from the clichés of youth.

There is also a sense of humour about these guys that is missing from so much other hip hop. “No Time” is a great ‘day in the life’ story and all of us will relate to the procrastinating it describes. They also take the opportunity to educate the listeners on “White Rapper”. It recounts the challenges they have faced over their extensive careers in music.

Final song, “We Say” has the opening lines of “I’m getting older but better with time” and that pretty much sum up our thoughts on this release. As they say, there is nothing stale about this and they remain an act in their prime.  So whether you’re a long term advocate of DJ Format and Abdominal or new to them it doesn’t really make any difference. This is a fresh and energetic release that you need to check out.

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