The Whiskey Gentry “Dead Ringer”

The Whiskey Gentry “Dead Ringer”


The Whiskey Gentry are a husband and wife duo who have a sound steeped in deep country, Americana and bluegrass. But what particularly attracted us to this, their third release, is the promise that they were looking to push beyond the boundaries of those genres.

To be honest, we questioned if we were ‘qualified’ to write a review of this album. We would put this in the country music genre which is one we don’t know a lot about. But, our criteria to review music doesn’t depend on the type of music, just if we like it or not. That’s not a problem for this album where songs like “Following You” and “Drinking Again” are so upbeat and infectious that you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Its appeal may also be due to the fact that tracks like “Dead Ringer”, “Martha from Marfa” and, not surprisingly “Rock n Roll Band” are about music and the lifestyle of musicians. Given music is so important to us, it means we can perhaps relate to these songs more than other country flavoured tracks.

As you’d expect, there are still a few tear jerkers on the album. They range from the more slow beat sound of “Looking For Trouble” or the melodic sounding “Seven Years Ached” through to the all out country ballad of “Kern River”. There is also a more rock n roll or slightly alternative feel to songs like “Say It Anyway” and “If you Were An Astronaut”. These have a more contemporary sound which verges on the same path followed by the excellent Lydia Loveless.

So you don’t really need to ‘like’ country music to love this album. If you like good music which will affect your mood and emotions (which is what all music should be capable of doing) then there is plenty to like on this album. It’s a good reminder that you should always take a chance of something a little bit different to what you’d normally listen to.

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