The Tip “Sailor’s Grave”

The Tip “Sailor’s Grave”


It’s very rare that news of a new rock n roll band, with a sense of glam and sleaze passes us by, but that was the case with The Tip. However, as soon as we heard them we firstly checked out their last album (check it out here). Having loved that, we were pretty excited to see what their new album would have in store for us.

If ever there was a song that had just the right title, then it’s first song “Struttin’”. Man, it’s a song that just shakes it tail feathers like a proud peacock. In fact, we can almost picture Steven Tyler, at his flamboyant peak, shimmying along to this song. We’re then into the heavier, blusier sound of “Rock n Roll Heaven”. Together with tracks like “Can You Smell The Money”, they’re pure balls out rock n roll. They have the bullish confidence that Guns N Roses had when they first hit the streets. It’s dirty rock n roll at its finest.

One of the great things about The Tip is that their songs are delivered with a sense of fun. You get the sassy, Hanoi Rock’s esque, “Ain’t Fakin’ It” and the crawling king snake sound of the strippers theme in the making “Corner Bag Blues”. Unlike other bands attempting this style, they avoid being too serious without falling into self-mockery. Most importantly, they create songs like “Bad Karma” (complete with great, Stones’ Gimme Shelter type backing vocals) that will have the rock club dance floors shaking.

Let’s face it, with songs titles like “Get The Fuck Out” and “Whisky And Coke”, they were never going to be a band looking to appeal to mild mannered, experimental music fans. This is loud and proud rock n roll for those looking for nothing but a good time! Indeed, with final track “Sailor’s Grave” the market they seem to be aiming for is rum drinking wannabe pirates, which is definitely us!

The conclusion to this review is pretty simple, if you like classic, debauched rock n roll then this is an album for you. They walk the same line followed by great, sleazy rock bands such as the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Hanoi Rocks and Guns ‘n’ Roses. You just need to buy this, get yourself a drink and play it real loud!


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