The Tip “S/T”

The Tip “S/T”


The Tip’s bio contains some key words that immediately catch our attention: “Sleazy Bluesy Greasy Rock N Roll”. This self-titled album was actually released last summer, so we’re a bit late on the uptake (for a change!). However, with a new album just released now (our review of “Sailor’s Grave” will also be up soon), we thought we’d still check the band out.

The album has a classic rock opener in the shape of “Welcome To The Night”, which begins with a hint of ‘Gloria’ before launching in to a huge rock n roll call to arms. It’s big, brash and great. Then, the harmonica and bluesy rock sound of “All I Need” has an Aerosmith feel.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, there’s a real gutter sleaze rock sound to this album, perfectly shown by the sex and drugs inspired “Outta Control”. Along with “Ride Tonight”, it’s the type of song that Buckcherry used to do so well.

We are way back in the glory glam metal, sunset strip days with “Favourite Sin”. It has a darker, Motley Crue edge, but with a commercial rock sound. There’s not really much room for sensitivity on this album, aptly demonstrated by “Double Fistin”, this is dirty rock n roll.

This album is just jam packed with songs such as “Don’t Want It” and “More, More, More” which would’ve been huge in the early nineties when Hair Metal ruled the airwaves. It stays the right side of classic rock n roll, rather than the more light weight side that the scene fell in to. However, if you ever loved Guns N Roses, Motley Crue or particularly less well known bands like Bullet Boys and Skin N Bones, then you will love this album. Right up to the final song, “Last Joint”, this is about good time, loud n fun, rock songs.

Unless you want to be some kind of joke/novelty band like Steel Panther, it must be a tough time to produce this kind of music. It may be a genre which is sneered at by music critics, but that doesn’t bother us, and we’re pretty sure it won’t both The Tip. You can stuff your precocious and obnoxious bands, with their oh so deep and meaningful lyrics. Sometimes, you just need to have some good time rock music, with songs about sex n drugs and having fun. Now, where did we put that bandana and cowboy hat!?!?

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