Heroin Girls “Introducing Heroin Girls”

Heroin Girls “Introducing Heroin Girls”


Heroin Girls are led by artist, producer and performer, Billy Bulger. Given that more artistic background, it’s certainly not surprising to learn that they are a band who are looking to push boundaries. Although their roots are in alternative rock sound and most importantly they appreciate there is always a need for a melody.

Despite its title, “Blood Sports” initially provides a surprisingly restrained start to the album. It begins with an Americana style lament but also echoing Nirvana. We then get hit with the brilliant glam splattering of “The Girl I Wish I Never”. It’s a great song, a sleazy rocker, that’ll have you shaking your hips. It’s a similar story with “We Don’t Care”, a song to shake and sing along to…. brilliant stuff!

It’s followed by “Hindley”, a great song that adds an electro tinge to the rock n roll sound. Then “Sister” sees a brief return to a gentler sound, before swinging to the other extreme with squealing feedback. Along, with “Rise”, it seems like they are testing to see if the listener can survive this mid album chaos.

You must make sure that you do get through it though, as you will be rewarded with the excellent “To Love Somebody”. It has a slower pace, but also a darker rock n roll vibe which recalls the Velvet Underground. Indeed, along with the sixties vibe of “Dear Boss” and the Dylan vibe of “Cecilia”, you feel this album would’ve been the perfect soundtrack to a Warhol party.

We review a lot of great albums, but occasionally we come across something a bit special. That’s the case with this release, it just has something ‘different’ about it. There’s a sense of uniqueness and it’s unlike anything we’ve heard in a while. It’s a real alternative sound that appears authentic rather than a forced quirkiness. Definitely one of our albums of the year so far.

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