Ed Tang & The Chops “Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone”

Ed Tang & The Chops “Magic Tricks and Rolling Stone”


We review a lot of albums at www.thesoulofaclown.com  but it’s pretty rare that it’s actually a local band. So it’s good to have Ed Tang & The Chops around. Even better, they’re one of a few modern UK bands who are successfully able to deliver a rockabilly esque sound, without sounding totally clichéd and just like a retro act.

After the album intro, we get the somewhat unusually titled “Fish Fry”. Despite the obscure title, it provides a welcome return to Ed Tang & The Chops’ rockabilly style. Although, that sound shifts to a more country style on the smooth sounding “Kerouac’s Curse”. Those songs, however, prove to be a build up for the brilliant title track “Magic Tricks And Rolling Stone”. It’s a rocking song with some brilliant ‘Woo hoos’ to get you singing and possibly dancing along.

The tone then shifts totally with the slower lament of “The 7 Stages Of Murder”, a song that could easily have sat on the soundtrack of Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’. That laid back feel initially continues with “Orlando Bloom”, but it soon moves in to a more jaunty number that will get your feet tapping.

This album certainly appears intent on keeping you on your toes. Whilst the title “Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street” may not be very snappy, the song is a great Americana flavoured rock n roll number. Whilst, “A Consequence Of Conscience” should be an accompaniment to a shot (or two) of whisky or, more appropriately, bourbon. The album then ends with a good old rock n roll song called the “The Chops”. It’s bound to be a live favourite and will certainly get the crowd singing.

It’s rare to find a UK based band who can successfully create a sound based on distinctly US styles such as Rock n Roll, Americana and country. It can often sound a bit like a pastiche. However, Ed Tang & The Chops are not being fake and you can tell it’s a style that they have a genuine passion for and they believe in what they are doing. It’s a dedication

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