The Virginmarys “Divides”

The Virginmarys “Divides”


The term ‘hotly anticipated’ is often over used, but surely it’s true for this latest release by The Virginmarys. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many decent UK rock bands around at the moment. We’ve certainly been looking forward to it since their brilliant set at 2000 Trees festival last year.

“Push The Pedal” is an appropriate title for the opening number on this release. It’s a track which makes it clear that this is a band full of confidence and ready to take on the world. Things get even more rocking on “For My Love” which has a sleazy swagger to it (are we alone in hearing a hint of Alice Cooper on it?!).

Songs like “Halo In Her Silhouette ” and “I Wanna Take You Home” are delivered with plenty of punk rock energy and angst. A song like “Into Dust” is as heavy as anything by their contemporaries such as Royal Blood or Band of Skulls.


Importantly though, the great thing about The Virginmarys is the way they aren’t afraid to step away from any kind of template. “Free To Do Whatever They Say” is a great punk rock song, but with a sense of melody that lifts it to a different level. “Walk In My Shoes” has a surprisingly Beatles esque quality and therefore even a hint of ‘good’ Oasis about it. Although it also possesses a crunching chorus. It contrasts neatly with the more electro feel of “Kill The Messenger” which is more akin to Kasabian.

There can be no doubts though that many of the songs, like the pulsating “Falling Down” and the impressively epic “Living In My Peace”, are designed to be huge live anthems. They’ll create a messy pit of eager, sweaty fans, all singing along to the tunes. The album ends with the anthemic high of “Motherless Land”.

One of the key aces held by The Virginmarys, is the dedicated and enthusiastic fan base they’ve worked extremely hard to establish. There’s no doubting that they will LOVE this release. We’re particularly impressed with the confident sound of the album. For too long, many UK bands have come across as hesitant and almost apologetic for their rock sound. These songs see the band flex their rock muscles and show their strength and passion.

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