Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows “California Kid”

Charlie Overbey & The Broken Arrows
To many people the name Charlie Overbey may be very new. Indeed, somewhat sadly many of you won’t have even heard of his former band, Big Bang Babies (BBB). They were a brilliant band from back in the hair metal days (yes there were some!!). Unfortunately they were one of the later bands on the scene who were effectively killed off by the grunge movement before they really took off. One of Charlie’s former band mates, Kerri Kelli, has remained on the scene pitching up in numerous bands. However, Charlie had disappeared from our radar at least until this brilliant new release.

Opening number “California Kid” might come as a surprise to those expecting shiny, glam metal, anthems. It is, instead, a great pop/rock tune which is instantly accessible and catchy. As great as that first track is, it still pales in comparison to the awesome “1975” which is just a great pop song. Really, none of that should come as a surprise as, behind the glitz and make up of BBB, the songs were really just ace pop songs given a glam coating.

Some of the songs, like “I’m In Love Again” and “I Will Have Danced”, actually step almost in to country territory. Again, don’t panic! because it is done with a real sense of authenticity. They are songs driven by a country melody and a singer/songwriter style but still remain catchy. Mr Overbey isn’t the first ‘glam star’ to make this move and “Damn That Train” reminds us of the UK’s very own Tyla (ex Dog’s D’amour) covering a Kenny Rogers song. To clarify, that’s a big compliment in our books! Final track, “Sweet Baby Blues” is the type of beautiful ballad that we would expect from Charlie.

Hearing this album is like meeting up with an old friend. Yeah they’ve changed and (gulp) matured but then you just get on with each other straight away, and have a lot of fun together. Hopefully, this is the start of another chapter in Charlie Overbey’s career and one that will bring him the success that his talent certainly deserves.

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