Bully “Feels Like”

Bully “Feels Like”
Having generated a lot of press attention, this debut album from the Nashville four piece is somewhat eagerly awaited now. Given that it is being described as containing searing power punk tracks and has seen comparisons to The Breeders, Afghan Whigs and Hole it certainly sparked our interested.

The title of the opening track, “I Remember” is appropriate as it has a tough, agit pop feel that has us remembering the early grunge days. It has a dirty, gritty sound that reeks of disenchantments. The same goes for many of the tracks on this release, including “Trash” and “Six”. They’re the sort of songs that you imagine are a cacophony of noise when played live and end up in a blitz of feedback and smashed guitars.

“Reason” adds a more sugary overtone, with a greater emphasis on the melody giving it a more instant appeal. Along with the more infectious “Too Tough” it will appeal to fans of the likes of Pavement or The Pixies. It’s a style which hits a real high on “Trying” which seems like it has a great little pop song fighting to be recognised against its grungy disguise. The same could be said of “Bully” which has indie dance floor filler written all over it (and a guitar line that many an amateur will be attempting to play).

It seems a little unfair to keep harking on about the fact that this album appears to have its roots firmly placed in the early nineties, American, alternative/grunge scene. That may give the wrong impression that this is somewhat staid. In fact, it’s the opposite, a feisty album full of spirit and passion. Along with bands like Ex-Hex it perhaps signifies a welcome return to bands who deliver grungy, feedback inducing songs but without forgetting the necessity to have a tune as well. Ironically, whilst being ‘retro’ sounding, it is remarkably fresh in comparison to many of the dull bands who we have had to endure in more recent years

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