The Disconnects “Wake Up Dead”

The Disconnects – “Wake Up Dead”
The Disconnects are a 4-piece Rock N Roll band from Neptune City NJ. They are made up of Ryan Switzer (Guitar/Vocal) Tommy Miller (Guitar) Anthony Ruscitto (Bass) and Joe Brendel (Drums). Whilst the band began playing in 2011 and have put out a couple of releases they are a new band to We are certainly glad to have found them though because we love anything with a punk rock heart and that is very true of The Disconnects.
The album gets off to a real rip roaring start with the brilliant punk rock of “Demolition Heart”, a song with a great swagger. It has a Pistol’s sneer but with something of a Guns N Roses shine to it. It’s fair to say that some of the songs like “Wake Up Dead”, “Makes Me Wanna Kill” and “She’s a Fink” are just straight up, no thrills punk rock songs..not that there is anything wrong with that!

There are, however, also some absolute gems where the band really brings something a little bit special. For example, “Lonely Boy” has a great seventies glam pop feel to it which isn’t surprising given the T Rex references in the lyrics. This glam sound is continued on the mid paced “I Don’t Mind” and the songs have a sound reminiscent of the equally great (and recently reformed) Last Great Dreamers.
They also throw in a bit of sleaze on tracks like “E=MC5” and “For Misty” which have that perfect throwaway rock n roll sound that was mastered by legends like Hanoi Rocks and Johnny Thunders. Despite its title, “Kills Me Sick” is a sweet little rock roll song that is very New York Dolls esque. Whilst “Fade Away” is just a really strong song that keeps the punk rock feel but really blends it into an almost power pop tune.
Having not heard of The Disconnects previously, this album came as a very pleasant surprise. Anyone who likes the gutter punk sound of bands like New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks or say D Generation will absolutely love this album. This type of low slung, rock n roll will always have an underground following but very occasionally a few bands will create a scene which sees the exposure grow a bit. Let’s hope The Disconnects can be part of this, we certainly need more rock n roll outlaws in this world!!
Help them achieve that by getting a hold of the album here: for UK and Europe sales For North America For Canada

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