Emilyn Brodsky “Eats Her Feelings”

Emilyn Brodsky “Eats Her Feelings”
When you hear this album it comes as no surprise that Emilyn was born in New York City and grew up in that great City’s punk rock heart. That’s not to say the album is particularly punk, although it’s appropriate that the phrase “charmingly aggressive” has been used to describe her. Likewise, it also doesn’t come as much of a surprise to hear she has toured with the likes of Amanda Palmer and The Hold Steady, as well as seeing her songs picked up by some TV shows that are in the know.
Opening song “Scaffolding” immediately shows that Emilyn has quite a unique but endearing style. The song is quite sparse in parts but the lyrics are neatly punctuated by the instruments. The really interesting part is Emilyn’s vocals which are kind of spoken and deliver the lyrics like a story. It actually has a sound that strangely reminds us of Lilly Allen or even more Kate Nash.
The track “Paper Thin Line” is a great indie pop song. It has an infectious melody and a sing along line which will just carry you along. The same can be said of “In The Wash” which is like a quirky little friend that you can’t help but love. Whilst “Do It Yourself” builds up slowly until once again it just grabs you and gets firmly stuck in your head.

The album is full of surprises, like the simple, fifties sounding and offbeat “Functional Alcoholic” and then “Wash The Rinds” which is like some kind of Mexican Calypso tune. Some of the songs do have a more mature, fully formed pop song feel and on tracks like “Born Again” and “Someone Belongs Here” there is a sound which is like Jenny Owen Young.

The album comes to a conclusion with the atmospheric pop of “Good Days”. It’s a good way to end the album because that’s the impression the whole album gives you. It’s a perfect accompaniment to a ‘good day’. The whole album is really inventive and intriguing. This is even true of the layout, where there are various answer phone message clips between the songs. Normally this might be a bit annoying but on “Eats Her Feelings” it just really works. It just gives you a few seconds to pause and build up the anticipation as to what the next song will deliver..which is inevitably yet another gem of a song.

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