Triple Seven

Triple Seven – “Ghost Train”
It’s pleasing to report that Triple Seven are a relatively young band who are dedicated to introducing good old rock ‘n’ roll to a younger audience. They are a three piece from Germany who, although, clearly are influenced by traditional rockabilly are willing to add something new and different. They certainly have a mission that can’t be criticised…”Three young men from Osnabrück have just one mission in their lives: get Rock ’n’ Roll where it belongs: Anywhere the girls are!”

Their influences are plain to see from the opening number “Leave It Behind” it has that rockabilly feel to it but importantly it also has a more of a modern punk edge. It’s quickly followed by “Sexafull” which opens with a great dirty and sleazy guitar riff, as you’d probably expect given the song’s title. They also add more of punky feel to one of the later songs, “Tachycardia”.

“Boys Who Dance” again adds a bit of a twist to the traditional sound as it has a kind of hidden latin beat under the song. This more latin beat is also present on “Last Night” but on this track it is slowed right down. The overall good time feel of the album is perfectly demonstrated by “Summertime Souvenir”. The title is certainly perfect for the song, as it’s a great summer soundtrack song. It has a, driving down the beach side road in a classic fifties car, hair full of grease and a billy doll beside you, feel to it.

The fact that the band have included three cover versions on the album may cause some concern but once you hear them that will soon disappear. “Radar Love” is delivered in an almost rockabilly/country style. They have also recorded “Rebel Yell”, yes it is that one, but they give it a great rockabilly make over. They manage to keep the same great sound but give it a more laid back feel which is just really cool. In contrast, “Come Together”, is given the totally opposite treatment where they actually pick up the beat in comparison to the original. Given these are such classic tracks, the band can’t be criticised for not taking a risk with the covers, but they pull it off.

The Triple Seven have delivered an album which is firmly rooted in the rockabilly genre. However, that does not mean it’s just a rehash of a retro sound. Similar to bands like Reckless Ones and Hard Fall Hearts, they have managed to add a more modern twist. Also, importantly, they ensure there is sufficient variety in terms of style and pace to keep the listener’s attention. They have, therefore, produced a record for those looking for a modern take on a classic style.

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