Welcome to The Soul Of A Clown

Hi all and firstly, welcome to The Soul Of A Clown, a brand new music website that has, in many ways, risen from the flames of another great on line fanzine, Mudkiss.

Hopefully, the site itself should be fairly easy to find your way around but we thought it would be helpful to highlight a few things for you about where to find news and updates and some of the opening stuff that has been published.

In terms of news and updates these will mainly be published on the face book page so I suggest you head over there and ‘like’ that:

You may also like to make sure you follow us via Twitter and the blog updates on the easy links on the homepage.

Over on the reviews and interviews pages you will already find loads of stuff that will hopefully be of interest.

However, we are also pleased that, to coincide with the launch we have some great new reviews and interviews, which includes

The Gaslight Anthem
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Urban Voodoo Machine

The Peckham Cowboys
Urban Voodoo Machine
Rich Jones

We already have loads of other stuff lined up, so please make sure you sign up for the updates via the blog, Facebook and Twitter and please share the details of the website as much as you can.

Finally, if you are interested in being featured in The Soul Of A Clown or have any queries, then please feel free to contact us at thesoulofaclown@sky.com

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