David Ryder Prangley “Black Magic and True Love”

David Ryder Prangley “Black Magic and True Love”

The name David Ryder Prangley will be familiar to many of you as the former singer with the wonderful Rachel Stamp. They were a fantastic glam rock flavoured band who were probably one of many excellent bands who probably just arrived at the wrong time. Thankfully, David has remained in music and “Black Magic and True Love” is his latest releases.

First song “They Came From The Stars To Capture Out Hearts’ is a relatively sombre, Bowie esque ballad but it’s an instant reminder of his great and distinctive voice. It draws us into the brilliant glam pop of “Space Station Number Nine”. A track which manages to sound sparse but also hooky and dazzling.

Things get even better when a dash of horns and almost funk are added to tracks like “Trouble Every Day” and the absolutely brilliant “Black Magic and True Love”. There’s no doubt fans of his previous work will just devour these tracks. They show that he’s lost none of his talent for delivering songs which have a glorious sense of debauchery about them. That’s before you end up being swept away by the sprawling psychedelic sound of “Captain Sugar”.

The UK just doesn’t produce enough creative and individual artists. David Ryder Prangley is therefore something of a rarity and is someone we should cherish. He already has a devoted and loyal fan base but it can only be hoped that this release tempts more people to succumb to his appeal.

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