The False Positives

The False Positives

The False positives are a Rochester, NY rock n roll band and you can actually get a hold of some of their tracks via their band camp page. They’re right up our street as with songs like “Caveman” and “Feel The Spring Sun” they offer up a sound which is a brilliant blend of power pop and garage rock. Tracks like “Good Enough For Rock N Roll”. Give you the feel of a band who have blended The Replacements, early REM and the B52s.

They even offer a bit of Bowie esque glam space rock with the slower paced “Eyes Wide Open”. That glam feel is kept going with the totally infectious power pop of the brilliant “The Real You”. A song which gains extra brownie points for using the term “fakebook”.

There’s nothing false about this band, in fact these songs are perfect pop/rock and are guaranteed to leave you feeling very positive!

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