Wyldlife “Year of The Snake”

Wyldlife “Year of The Snake”

We loved Wyldife’s last album (https://thesoulofaclown.com/2017/12/27/wyldlife-out-on-your-block/) so were excited to hear this new release. Let’s face it, they certainly have the ‘cool credentials’ you’d want from a band given they hail from New York and are on Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool label. That’s even before we start drooling over their promise of an album stuffed with ‘catchy riffs and choruses and a palpable love of ‘70’s punk, glam and power pop’.

Despite its somewhat depressing title, first song “Deathbed” is actually a brilliant slice of glammy punk rock which kicks the album off in fine style. Similarly the punk n roll of “Neon Nightmare” will actually be a dream come true for people who like scuzzy rock n roll with big melodies. Those songs together with “Get Well” are great examples of tracks where the guitars are loud but the melodies are even stronger.

We love it when the band allow the power pop element of their sound to really shine. That’s clearly apparent on the almost indie pop of the quite brilliant “Automatic” (which also benefits from some great female vocal harmonies). “Crime Of The Scene” and “Tulsa Superstar” are examples of punchy, catchy, power pop at its best. Music for playing loud in your car.

Sometimes they hit a perfect blend of grit and pop such as on “Kiss and Tell” and “Year Of The Snake”. But songs like “Sacre Bleu” and “The Falcon” also show they have no issues in delivering some sneering punk rock. These songs see us reliving the days of one of the greatest New York rock n roll bands – D’ Generation. Although, on “Keeping Up With C.T.”, they switch things around by adding a guitar line that The Gaslight Anthem would be proud of.

Wyldlife are an awesome scuzzy rock n roll band with the perfect dash of power pop. In our review of their previous album, we referenced great bands like D’ Generation and The Beat Angels. Like both those bands did, you feel that Wyldlife are blasting a fairly lonely trail for gutter punk rock n roll. You kind of wished they could instigate a genuine ‘scene’ which would bring them the exposure they deserve. For now, you need to make sure you buy this album and support one of the few bands flying the flag for punk n roll.

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