Duck and Cover “Two Shots”

Duck and Cover “Two Shots”

There are so few bands releasing great rock n roll music, we were glad to see that Duck and Cover were back with another EP.

It’s the title track “Two Shots” which opens this release and it’s a glorious rock song. It manages to finely balance having a modern rock sound but also with a hint of old school sleaze. As the title may suggest, “”Bleeding Edge” has a slightly darker and more intense tone to it. The real pick of the bunch, however, is final track “Unlucky 17” which adds a more melodic edge to the hard rocking sound to create the perfect driving song.

Duck and Cover are a great band and one that definitely deserves your support. You should be looking to buy this album. Hopefully, if we can get enough copies bought here in the UK, we might be able to tempt the band over for some shows. We’re pretty certain that they’ll be an awesome band to catch live.

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