The Warhawks “Never Felt So Good”

The Warhawks “Never Felt So Good”

Firstly, lets acknowledge what a great name The Warhawks is! Together with the promise of a release that features both heavy hitting guitar tracks and well-crafted melodies, it means we definitely wanted to check out this album.

Things kick off with the brilliant indie rock n roll of “Not A Problem” a song which is nicely balanced between being snarly and melodic. It’s a great upbeat, indie rock sound that is maintained by tracks such as “Miracle”, “Your Touch” and “You Got It From Me”.

However, that is all just an appetiser for the absolutely wonderful “Soulsucker”. This is one of the best songs we have heard in ages and is just a glorious, swaggering track. In the glory days of Britpop this would have been a massive worldwide hit and it still deserves to be today.

That song may be an album highlight but there’s plenty of other brilliant stuff to enjoy here. Despite its abrasive title and more powerful sound, “Don’t F*ck With Me” still retains a melodic and anthemic feel and is surely built for festivals.. On the other side “Nothing To Do” again see the band unashamedly giving their songs a ‘pop’ feel. You might try to resist their catchy melody but we guarantee you won’t be able to. Whilst “Things” has the kind of ‘spacey’ orchestral sound that has been such a big hit for The 1975s.

This is one of those albums that you hear and think surely this band are going to be huge. It’s only problem may be that it’s just a bit too ‘upbeat’ for the cool indie kids of today. As already mentioned, during the peak of indie pop/rock it would have been huge. Anyhow, the most important thing about this album is that it is just great fun to listen to. Unlike many albums that means right  through from start to finish and not just the odd track. Warhawks are definitely a band you need to keep your eye out for!

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