Davis “Alright” EP

Davis “Alright” EP

We first fell in love with Davis’ music a few years back. At that time, he had a kind of rockabilly influenced sound. Over the years, his style and influences have expanded but the quality of his release still hasn’t changed. He has also impressively maintained an approach of self releasing his stuff, which has to be admired.

The title track from this EP opens it up and you know from the first listen of ‘Alright’ that this is going to be his best release to date. It’s a perfect indie pop song which is both simple and captivating. In a fair world, this would be THE summer hit. Although, the same could be said about the song ‘America’ given it’s big and bold melody.

There’s a slightly different tone to “Peace, Love & Rock n Roll”. It’s still indie rock but has an almost hip-hop vibe to it. The result is a track which reminds us of the brilliant Jamie T. The old rock n roll influence is just about heard on the catchy ‘Underdog’, although with a very modern twist. It’s a song that will get you dancing or jumping.

The EP is then brought to an end all too swiftly by the Beatles flavoured psychedelia of ‘Pro-tools’. Which along with being a great tune also provides some warnings about the current music scene.

As predicted, this is indeed Davis’ finest release to date, which is really saying something. You need to make sure you go out and get this NOW. Whilst you’re doing that, we’ll continue to hope that a label buys up his back catalogue of brilliant music. They can then release that as a ‘rarities’ collection alongside his full, major label backed, album!

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