The Penske File “Salvation”

The Penske File “Salvation”

We’re a bit late with this album as it actually came out last year. We also don’t know much about the band, other than they are a young band offering up punk n roll and they were recommended to us by someone who shares our love for The Replacements. But that was enough to make us want to check out this release.

This album opens with the catchiest guitar line we’ve heard since The Vamps (and we honestly mean that as a compliment!). The first song “Kamikaze Kids” is an absolute cracker and one of the best tracks we’ve heard so far this year. It has a great balance of punk rock with a hook and melody to die for. It’s an excellent introduction to the band and the album. Thankfully, it’s not the only great song on this release. Tracks like “Lakeshore” and “Spin My History” are brilliant flashes of melodic punk rock.

For anyone missing The Gaslight Anthem, one listen of “Golden Futures” and “Fairgrounds” will have you thinking you’ve just found your favourite new band. They’re songs that have a real depth and sense of authenticity about them, but without losing any of the punk passion.

It’s probably also not surprising that the shadow of ‘the boss’ features on “American Basements”, with its use of harmonica and slower pace. It’s a classic blue-collar worker ballad showing the bands wider tastes. Ironically that song is then followed with the still great, but simpler, punk n roll of “Last Chance” and “Come What May”. Then we’re back to the more intense sound of “Young & Worthless”.

There’s no better feeling than stumbling over a really great punk rock n roll album played by a young and passionate band. This album reminds us of when we first discovered The Gaslight Anthem and fell in love with their sound. It’s brilliant that bands like Colt 45 and now The Penske File are flying the flag for melodic punk rock. This is a definite must buy

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