The Gentlemens “Triage”

The Gentlemens “Triage”

If we’re honest we’re not really familiar with the rock scene in Italy, which is where The Gentlemens hail from. But, the fact that this record is reported to offer up a sound that “oozes nasty ‘movin & groovin’ bluesy rock n’ roll music” means it is one we wanted to check out. Throwing in a bit of punk/garage rock makes it even more appealing.

Having recently reviewed the latest Jim Jones release, our first thought on hearing opening track “Still I Am” is that fans of that album will love this as well. Tracks like “Sheltered“ and “Shamelove” have that same feel of old school rock n roll but delivered in a ferocious, punk like manner.

Things take a slight shift with “Let You Die” which tones down the intensity a bit (but only a bit!) and has a looser rock n roll feel to it and “She Made Me Hard” adds a Bluesy style. Although, they really hit that loose rock n roll feel on the brilliant Stones esque “Sin Love Pray”.

There are plenty of twists on this release to keep the listener intrigued. For example, “A Second Coming” adds an extra slice of funk into the mix. It has us recalling INXS, but at their raucous best rather than their more mainstream commercial sound. Then there’s a continuing Aussie link with “John Q Public Blues” which has a darker menacing sound a la Nick Cave.

As stated at the outset, if your hunger for fast paced rock n roll hasn’t been entirely satisfied by the new Jim Jones release then this is definitely one for you. You can hear that they are building on a traditional rock n roll sound but it’s delivered in such a vibrant way that it remains fresh and relevant.

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