Shotty Horroh “Salt Of The Earth”

Shotty Horroh “Salt Of The Earth”


As regular readers will know, Rap music doesn’t feature too heavily on this site as it’s a genre that we don’t know too much about. So, the initial idea of a Manchester based rapper wouldn’t normally appeal. But this release, which is the first full album rather than mix album from Shotty Horroh, offered up a different variation on Rap music and a shift in style.

It’s certainly a surprise when we hear first song “Absence of The Heart”. We haven’t heard such a great drawling vocal opening on a song since we first heard Liam Gallagher on Supersonic. That’s an impression which is taken even further with the drawn out pronunciation of ‘sunshine’ on second track “Alien”. There’s also a sense of Britpop to the sound, with the focus on an indie melody.

Don’t go thinking this is just some retro indie album though. There’s far more to it than that. Take “Danger” which recalls a slightly rockier Jamie T. That is of course partly due to the story telling/observational style which he adopts on that track and “Dirty Old Town”.

He even manages to blend these styles on tracks like “Dynamite” and “Lanyards” which adopt more ‘urban’ sounding verses but still burst in to melodic choruses. Whilst you kind of sense that “Frank & Stein” is the one which could be the big cross over hit with a sound that could easily find itself on mainstream radio.

Through songs like “Shudderhill” you have that snarly punk feel that we always want from a young act. But it’s not without losing the actual ‘tune’ that us oldies also need to hear. You can’t help feel that songs like “Stay For The Ride” are going to be perfect for drunken bouncing in a festival crowd.

Since Jamie T first hit the scene all those years ago we’ve been waiting for an act that can come close to matching his flair for mixing styles. We had big hopes for Ratboy but, whilst awesome live, we weren’t quite captured by their album. That wait could now be over with Shotty Horroh.

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