Indonesian Junk “Darkness Calling”

Indonesian Junk “Darkness Calling”


We love the fact that Indonesian Junk are consistently releasing new material. Whilst other bands seem to take years and years delivering new music, Indonesian Junk keep their fans satisfied with constant releases. This time, it’s an EP to satisfy your lust for punk pop.

That lust is immediately satisfied with “Where I Find You” with its upbeat punk pop sound, it will have you immediately singing along. “C’Mon And Love Me” a great sleazy rock n roll song which takes the backstreet sound of the New York Dolls and appropriately incorporates a snatch of KISS.

We’re a sucker for a song that opens with a neat drum beat like “I Could Die”. The song itself is a bit more ‘sophisticated’ than we normally expect from Indonesian Junk. It has a slow beat and a darker, more restrained tone. Don’t panic though we’re soon back to the punk n roll side of the band with “See The Light”.

Just as we hoped, this is a quick shot of punk n’ roll. The band have a knack of delivering a sleazy punk rock sound that manages to stay cheap but not nasty. It’s a respite from the overly earnest, ie boring, music that makes up so much of the punk rock genre these days.

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