Wyves “R U OK?”

Wyves “R U OK?”


Wyves hail from Arizona and have been around since 2015. In recent years they’ve secured tours with some major heavyweights in the rock world eg Guns N Roses and Aerosmith. With this album, they’re promising a “memorable sound with an unmistakeable edge”.

It begins with the brooding rock of “Princess Excess” which includes the neat line “she works in restaurants, we play in shady holes”. Together with “Mar- A- Lago” it seems the band have a taste for the wild side and may have picked up a trick or two from the Aerosmith tour!

Title track “R U OK” is a brilliant modern rock song. It has the cool element of a Strokes’ song but channels it in to a bigger rock sound. Indeed, it is quite clear that tracks like “The Speed Of Sound” could feel right at home being played in arenas. But, if you’re looking for the big breakout hit, then it has to be “My Gravity”. It has a more pop leaning and could easily be a cross over radio hit.

That’s not to say the band don’t have some subtlety. “Distractions” has a more modern and complex sound which makes sure the band retain a style that is relevant for today. Whilst “Shake Off The Day” has a slower blues feel that then merges into a Beatles esque melody. It has an almost commercial Black Crowes feel and again could be a big hit.

The best thing about this album is that it is just a damn solid rock album. Listening to it made us think just how rare that is today. With so many bands caught up in trying to be the latest ‘flavour of the month’ many have forgotten the need for good songs. The album title may be very ‘2000s’ but the sound is more steeped in a classic rock sound. A proper rock album for modern times seems like a good idea to us

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