The Future Shape Of Sound “Shakedown Gospel”

The Future Shape Of Sound “Shakedown Gospel”

The Future Shape Of Sound are a collection of musicians that have come together through their association with Alex McGowan (aka Captain Future) and his Space Eko East recording studio. Now given he’s produced some great acts then we were already keen to hear this album. Then having witnessed a few of the members performing at Red Rooster under the name Amani and Captain Future (see our review here) we knew we HAD to check it out.
They actually break us into their sound quite gently with the lowdown blues of “Gone All Wrong”. It’s laid back beat builds in a seductive manner as the gospel vocals gradually grab hold of you. That bluesy feel continues on “I’m On A Roll” but this time we get a more swampy and dirty feel.
However, things really come alive with the simply sublime “Joy”. If ever there was a ‘ronseal’ name for a song, then this is it! It is indeed a quite simply joyous piece of music which, unless you’re already dead will get you smiling and dancing. The great thing is that it’s not alone! Other tracks like “Rise Up” and “The Time Is Now” are just life affirming pieces of music. There’s a real good time, old school rock n roll feel to these tracks.

Those songs are then balanced against the more darker and sultry ones on the album. A classic example being the scarily seductive tone of “Number One” and “People What You Done”. These are numbers you expect to hear on the seedier side of town. They have an alluring sense of danger about them. That’s all before you get to the sleazy ragtime feel of “Toe The Line” and the end of album party of “No Friend of Mine”.

This is a great record which you just sense has been recorded by a group of great musicians who just love music. There’s a sense of passion and love that just runs through the tracks. It’s no wonder that it sees appearances from people like Jim Jones and members of The Urban Voodoo Machine. If you’re a fan of music which brings in a whole host of influences to create something special, then this is a must buy album.

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