The Nectars “Sci-Fi Television”

The Nectars “Sci-Fi Television”



We’ve read hundreds of band bios, but we must admit that the opening from New York’s The Nectars is one of our favourites. They describe themselves as being like “the first time you have sex. It’s fast, it’s loud, it’s over too soon, and you’re left desperately wanting more.” Now if that doesn’t desperately make you want to buy this album already, then you’re probably reading the wrong website!

Things open up with the aggressive and in your face sound of “Holy”. Together with the next track “Heaven”, which has a dark undercurrent that sees us thinking of Garbage, it’s a fairly abrasive start to the album. You get a sense of a band who aren’t to be messed with.

However, that is only one side of this band and indeed the album blooms as it progresses. When we get to “Cemetery Girl” we realise that The Nectars also know a good pop hook when they hear it. Together with “Don’t Panic” these songs add a power pop hook to the punky attitude. They hit a real peak with the insanely catchy “We Will Run”, a track which you sense should be a real hit.

They really manage to hit a sweet spot of both being aggressive but also hugely melodic on tracks like “I Want It” and “Tame”. You can’t help but feel that this is a band that a young audience could fall in love with and create a passionate cult following. But then again, when you hear the superb disco indie pop of “Lights Off” you can’t help think they’re more destined for global hits. As demonstrated by final track “Tired” that doesn’t mean they are afraid of challenging the listener as well.

We love short, sharp, punchy albums and this is exactly that. The songs come at you with a pace and generate feeling of both passion and pleasure. It’s great to see a young band delivering a proper punky pop sound. It’s a great debut and definitely places The Nectars on your ones to watch list as, from the evidence here, they could be huge.

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