Ryan Roxie “Imagine Your Reality”

Ryan Roxie “Imagine Your Reality”

Ryan Roxie may not be a household name here in the UK. But for fans of early sleaze rock will know him from the brilliant Candy and Electric Angels. More recently he has been playing in Alice Cooper’s band. This alone should tell you a lot about his guitar playing ability.

Certainly, opening track “Big Rock Show” and “Over and Done” show that he has learnt from playing arenas with Mr Cooper. These are huge pop rockers that you sense would be perfect blasted out in arenas or open-air rock festivals. They’re big and brash but retain a sense of fun. Together with the screaming glam metal feel of “To Live And Die In LA” and the melodic sleaze of “Look Me In The Eye”, it’s great to see he has retained his appetite for this in your face rock style.

If you need any more persuading of the respect artists have for Mr Roxie, the fact that the legend that is Robin Zander appears on the cover of “California Man” should say it all. Indeed, Cheap Trick are a good reference for several tracks on this release. You’ll struggle not to be enticed by the glam, pop ’n’ roll feel of “Me Generation” and the neat pop lines of “Hearts In Trouble”. It’s a style which is then given a bit of a sleaze rock polish on “Nevermind Me”.

The highlight of this album is probably left until the end with final track “God Put A Smile On Your Face”. Some might consider it a surprisingly ‘mature’ pop. It’s full of melody and with a big sound that brings the album to a triumphant end.

The secret to this album is that it’s just a damn fine rock record. It’s a reminder of the days when bands kicked out great, hard rock tunes, full of melody and riffs. It’s music to soundtrack good times. Given the artists that Ryan has worked with over the years and his undoubted guitar talents it should be no surprise that he has produced such a high quality solo record.

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