Brandy Zdan “Secretear”

Brandy Zdan “Secretear”


Nashvilles’ Brandy Zdan is a new name to us, but the promise of a female rocker who writes big hooks like Chrissie Hynde and The Go Gos was enough to spark our interest.
And we’re sure glad it did, as straight from the off this is one of those albums that just grabs you. First two songs, “Get To You” and “The Ones” are just great, pop flavoured songs. They have that instant hit sense of the pop songs from your youth but with an added power pop, cool feel.

Those songs aren’t alone in generating that feel good factor. Equally as impressive are the catchy, cheerleader style of “I Want Trouble” or the pop crunch appeal of “I Will”. Then there’s the more sinister, but still enchanting, sound of “Wild Fire”. These are the songs you want to be blasting out of your radio on a sunny day.

However, Brandy Zdan is also streetwise enough to know that you can’t make an album too saccharine. The ‘pop hits’ are therefore balanced against the more ‘mature’ pop sound of “Navigator” and “Run Away”. These are the tracks you hope will be picked up for scenes in a big summer movie. Then “Night Rider” (sadly not a tribute to Mr Hasselhoff and KITT!) is a sparser tune, where the soft melody just helps you float away with the song.
Maybe it’s just us desperately seeking the summer weather, but this is an early candidate for pool side listening. An instantly enjoyable album. It could easily be picked up by the commercial pop masses or be loved by the ‘cooler’ indie pop kids. Now…. Where’s that sun?!?!

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