The Aces “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”

The Aces “When My Heart Felt Volcanic”

The Aces first came to our attention when we noticed that a track was produced by the legendary Butch Walker. Now Butch is one of our favourite artists in his own right, but is also a much sought after producer. Most things Butch touches have an element of gold to them, so it made us keen to check this out.
However, don’t expect The Aces to deliver the same style of music as Mr Walker. This is firmly in the commercial indie pop arena…. but that’s no bad thing when it’s this good. We expect numbers like opener “Volcanic Love” and “Lovin’ Is Bible” will immediately see comparisons made to Haim. They share that same breathless and effortlessly cool style with a real pop shine to their sound.

Pop is certainly not a dirty word to The Aces. Numbers like “Stuck” and “Last One” are just brilliant catchy up beat numbers. But they still retain an element of edge compared to the normal squeaky-clean pop sound. They follow the likes of the 1975s in knowing that a great synth-based pop sound with a strong melody can be a thing of beauty.
Somewhat surprisingly, the Butch produced “Just Like That” is one of the slower tracks on the album. It also has the feel of a song that was written to be played at a pinnacle part in the summer’s biggest teen movie. Overall though, this album is full of tracks like “Stay” and “Bad Love” which are just built to be the soundtrack to a fun filled summer.

The title of the track “Holiday” is probably the best description of this album. The whole release is just unashamedly pop and gives a feeling like long hot sunny days. When you think how bands like Haim and 1975s have exploded in the UK over the last few years, you wouldn’t put it past The Aces to do the same. So, put aside your music snobbery, get yourself a long cool drink and welcome some sunshine in to your life!

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