White Witches “Heironymus Anonymous”

White Witches “Heironymus Anonymous”

White Witches came to our attention because they feature Rory Lewarne. Now Rory was the singer in the simply awesome Pink Grease. They were a band who, much to our annoyance, we didn’t discover until after they split (if you don’t know them, then you MUST check them out). To say we were excited by this release is therefore something of an understatement.
Thankfully, the moment we heard opener “This Song Will Kill You” we knew that we were not going to be disappointed. The song includes the line “always the bridesmaids, the Buzz Aldrins”. This could be a reference to the fact that Pink Grease should’ve been huge, but it also acknowledges that this is a release for the ‘outsiders’. Rather than kill you, it’s more likely to introduce you to your new favourite band.

Tracks like “Heironymous Anonymous” and “Savages” are the sound of punk for a modern age. The music is far from the more basic punk of the seventies, but it’s the sense of purpose they bring. Like many great bands, these are songs that are likely to appeal to those who are after something a bit different. Something away from the drab of most other music released these days.
What this band also bring is a sense of showmanship, something else that has been missing in recent times, certainly in the UK music scene. That includes the Bowie esque story telling style of tracks like “Hard Times” and “Jet”. But, it hits a real peak with the quite supreme sound of “Your House”. A song, which in our weird mind, feels like Jarvis and Pulp covering the most upbeat of Nick Cave numbers. Things go particularly mad (appropriately) with “Estella” a song which flows through a carousel style feel to a gothic ballad and back again.

However, White Witches do not fall in to the trap of being ‘too arty’ or clever for their own good. Whilst we all like to see a band demonstrating their intelligence and unique qualities, music also needs to be entertaining and fun. “Sandcastles” is off the wall but fantastically fun to listen to. Then “Televangelist” and “Secret Club” are just brilliant punk rock flavoured tracks, designed to be played loud.
As we hoped, this is just a brilliant and unique release. The biggest danger that White Witches face is that they also get caught up in being a “cult” band. Certainly, this is the type of album which could gather a hardcore of devoted fans. Sadly, only occasionally does the UK music scene grab on to a genuinely unique and intelligent act (see artist already referenced here – Bowie, Cave and Cocker). This album is released on Friday 27 April and can be purchased here. So, get it now and make sure you are part of the solution and not the problem!!

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