Buckley “Las Cruces”

Buckley “Las Cruces”


The label Rumbar Records is pretty synonymous with brilliant power pop/pop rock, so this release where Buckley offers “Texas soul and slinging guitar under his cowboy hat” is something a little different. But given Rumbar Records = quality music, we were happy to give it a spin.

Opener “Bakersfield” is indeed a more ‘mature’ sound. It has a classic American feel to it, but with an added feeling of warmth. As with songs like “Old Glory” and “Las Cruces” there is an old school rock feel to them. It will have your mind flicking through the likes of Springsteen, Petty or even Fleetwood Mac.

Speaking of Petty, numbers like “Devil Slide” and “Consuela” certainly bring visions of wide open spaces to you. They are early evening, glass of whisky on a warm porch songs. There’s an earthy, Americana/country feel to the relaxed vibe they inspire.

There are also a few more ‘rockier’ tracks on the release. “Three Chiefs” and “Clawson Hill” bring a sound which is like the Rolling Stones. But, it’s the Stones at their most blusiest rather than commercial pomp.

This isn’t Rumbar’s usual Friday night punk n roll, grab a beer, kinda music. Instead, this is a grab a glass, a bottle of bourbon and settle in for a night of early evening warmth and reflection. Different then…. But equally appealing and satisfying!


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