Last Great Dreamers “13th Floor Renegades”

Last Great Dreamers “13th Floor Renegades”


OK, let’s be clear from the outset…. We LOVE the Last Great Dreamers! For us, they will always be one of those bands who should have been huge. Their debut album “Retrosexual” was/is a classic that should have launched a glittering career. Sadly, fate never shone on them. But, much to the delight of their fans, the band suddenly rose phoenix like from the ashes a few years back. So, what does this latest release have to offer?

First song, “New Situation” makes one thing very clear… the band have lost none of their spirit, it’s a pop rocker that will have you up, singing and dancing from the off. But even that is just a prelude to the glamtastic title track “13th Floor Renegades” a perfect power pop song. Indeed, along with equally sublime tracks like “I Think I Like It” and the Cheap Trick esque “Primitive Man”, this is probably the closest they’ve got to matching the glam pop of that debut album. Whilst “Going Home” sees them again combining both T-Rex and the Kinks influences.

Whilst they have clearly lost none of the vigour from their youth, there is (whisper it quietly) a sense of ‘maturity’ to some of the tracks on this release. Don’t worry, there is no way that the band could ever be considered boring. But, back in the day, they probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to record songs like “For Your Information” and “Miles Away” with their almost country feel.

There’s still room for a few new ‘classic’ Dreamers songs. From the space like Bowie feel of “Speed Of Light” to the power pop punk of “Sunshine In My Brain” and “Broken Things”. The album then sadly comes to an end with “Going Home”, another track seemingly built for a drunken sing along.

This album is truly a sign of a totally rejuvenated band. The last two releases were great, but this is just another big step up. Certainly, their best release since the wonderful Retrosexual. We expect that fate is too cruel a mistress for this to bring the band the acclaim they really deserve. But let’s not worry about that, instead just make sure you get this album. Then tell everyone who you meet that they must buy it as well!!

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