Razorbats “Razorbats II”

Razor Bats “Razor Bats II”


It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were reviewing the last release from Razorbats (see here). It’s good to see a band getting stuff out quickly, especially when they’ve had to go through some line up changes. As the album’s title suggests, Razorbats are not ones for messing around, they just want to deliver kick ass rock n roll.

Indeed, they show that right from the off with “The Waiting”, a song which manages to merge sleazy rock n roll with a dash of seventies, Slade esque glam. There’s no room for po-faced seriousness on this release. Tracks like “Bad Teacher” and “Going Underground” (no, not that one!) are just great fun. They recall the days when bands just concentrated on putting out good rock songs without giving a fXXk what people think.

That’s not to say that there isn’t some depth to the band.  “Take It On The Road”, “Social Rejects” and “Nowhere” have a greasy rock n roll feel comparable to The Hellacopters. Whilst tracks like “Dead Boy City” and “Sister Siberia” add a slightly darker tone that recalls the legendary Michael Monroe on some of his solo work. Indeed, “Talk All Night” also shares his ability to deliver a slower, more emotive, rock song.

As we said at the outset, Razorbats keep things simple, which is really a pleasant change these days. This album sticks to ten tracks of quality rock music with out any fillers or cheap gimmicks. That’s got to be a damn sight better than the majority of rock bands who have lost focus on what actually makes a good rock n roll album.

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