Watts “All Done With Rock N Roll”

Watts “All Done With Rock N Roll”


Maybe it’s because we live in an age of instant gratification, but it seems there’s a real trend for bands to release EPs rather than the few years wait for an album. But hell, when it’s a rock n roll band as good as Watts, we’re more than happy to hear more music as soon as we can.

It’s the title track which opens the album and there’s an obvious irony that despite a title of “All Done With Rock N Roll” it’s a great punk n roller to kick things off. The one thing that this band really excel at is giving their punk rock sound a really strong melody. Indeed, maybe strangely, “Hi Definition” reminds us of the awesome Enuff Z Nuff. Not that the band’s sounds are necessarily alike, but it’s that taking a pop cue from the Beatles and putting it in a rock song.

Indeed “Sunlight Alleys” is a completely joyful power pop number with just the right amount of crunch to make it appeal to the rockers as well. If you like a harder punk rock sound, then you are also catered for with the more in your face sound of “Tear It Up”.

Now we know we said at the outset we were happy with the band releasing an EP but, in all honesty, this is just so damn good it has left us desperate to hear more. This is four brilliant tracks which blend punk rock and power pop. For now, we’re happy to enjoy this appetiser but we still kind of hope that we won’t have to wait too long to be fully satisfied by a new album.

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