The Jackets “Shadow Of Sound”

The Jackets “Shadow Of Sound”


We’ve been going through a bit of a garage rock phase over the last month or so. The Jackets are the latest band to have caught our attention.

As demonstrated by tracks like “Don’t Turn Yourself” and “Wheels Of Time” they take a bit of a darker twist on that genre. There’s still a raggedy sixties swing to the tracks, but it’s driven by a more sinister tone. Indeed, when they rock out on “At The Go-Go” it has a more Stooges flavoured.

That’s not to say there isn’t some lightness on the album. There’s still an undercurrent of surf pop on tracks like “Sometimes Maybe” and “Watch You Cry”. It’s just the waves might be a little more gnarly!

They also know how to rock and roll as shown by the upbeat and incessant “You Better” and “Hands Off Me”, songs which have a Cramps vibe to them. That’s before it ends with the quite crushing title track “Shadow Of Sound”.

This is a dark and dirty album which has a real intense feel to it. We’d imagine that live The Jackets could be quite a brooding outfit. This album has actually been out for a while but if your appetite has been tempted then you can also check out their latest single “Be Myself”. That’s another excellent  Cramps esque rock n roller which suggests more great things are on the way from The Jackets.

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