The Flux Machine “Hurricane”

The Flux Machine “Hurricane”


The Flux Machine advise that they are aiming to appeal to people “who love fast-paced rock n roll with a slightly bad attitude” which sounds right up our street. This New York band also have their eyes set on the arenas with a sound that is influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Ramones and The Foo Fighters.

It’s the title track that opens this album and it’s a real catchy number to get things going. It sounds to us like The Wildhearts covering The Primitives “Crash”! Together with “Not Stopping Me”, it’s clear that The Flux Machine aren’t afraid of showing their enthusiasm for a pop feel to their punk sound. They even get close to the anthemic quality of the mighty Butch Walker on “Revolution”.

That’s in contrast to “Time Is The Enemy” which has a much harder sound and an almost Nu metal (or at least pop punk) feel to it. “Call Your Name” is a huge rock song which if it had an extra bit of glitter could almost be a sleaze metal hit from back in the day,

“Medicine” is a rawer and in your face number which adds a bit of muscle to their sound with it’s almost electro rock feel. Whilst final song, “Start This Over” is the kind of huge rock number that in times gone by would’ve been all over commercial music stations like MTV.

Fair play to The Flux Machine, they show a real diversity on this album. Although you do kind of sense that they are still searching for ‘their sound’. But in the meantime, there’s plenty here to appeal to fans of indie/alternative music who like their rock tempered with a touch of pop melody.

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