The Main Grains “The Rain Is Over Now”

The Main Grains “The Rain Is Over”


Any new release from the legend that is Danny McCormack must be a cause for excitement. The only disappointing thing is that there are only 3 songs on this EP.

On the positive side, it’s yet another set of great punk n roll songs. First track “The Rain Is Over Now” is quite brilliant. It’s very reminiscent of the fantastic Yo Yo’s. It takes a rockabilly song, injects it with punk rock attitude and delivers two minutes of sunshine in to your life. “Sock It To Me” comfortably keeps the momentum going with its straight forward rock n roll sound. It’s all over far too quickly with “What We Gonna Do Now”. A song which is closer to another of Danny’s former bands, The Wildhearts. But that’s The Wildhearts at their anthemic and pop best.

A bit like The Ramones, The Main Grains just keep it simple but so damn effective and perfect. Each song is a great punk rock n roller. Nothing complicated, just great fun. It’s Friday night, beer in hand, rock n roll kind of music….what’s better than that?!?


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