Grande Royale “Breaking News”

Grande Royale “Breaking News”

This is actually the third album from Grande Royale but the first one that we’ve checked out. It certainly comes highly recommended with promises of “powerful riffs that work as gasoline for the songs”. The fact that it is produced by Nicke Andersson of the awesome The Hellacopters also suggest we could be in for a rocking treat.

To be fair, the influence of The Hellacopters is crystal clear right from the first track “Know It All”. Together with tracks like “One Second “and “I’m On The Loose” these are high octane rock songs which leave you picturing dirty leathers and smelling gasoline. Built around scorching guitars, but not forsaking the need for a melody. For fans of Scandinavian rock like The Hellacopters and Backyard Babies or perhaps US acts like Supersuckers then this is definitely an album for you.

Perhaps somewhat strangely songs like “Brake Light” and “Got To Move” also see us recalling Kiss. But let’s be clear, we are talking classic Kiss when they were a great rock band i.e. when delivering songs like ‘Stutter’. There are some seriously big rock songs like “Breaking News” on this album. The kind which could fill a stadium. Imagine Kiss without the pantomime approach or a sleazier AC/DC.

Our highlight is “Live With You”, a song where they actually drop the intensity a bit. It comes as a mid-album rest and is a simply awesome melodic rock song. It’s a song built for playing loud in the car, windows down and singing at the top of your voice. The same could be said for the excellent “R’N’R Business”, a ‘does what it says on the tin’ song! In contrast, “Daily Illustration” is a slower number and a darker, brooding and intense piece of music.

So, if your music tastes are super refined and you view it as a high brow form of art this may not be for you (although that probably applies to this website let alone just this album!!). However, if you’re looking for some bad ass rock n roll then there is plenty of that on this release. Straight up and finely delivered hard rock music which makes you feel like driving fast and (afterwards) drinking beer and bourbon.

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