Suspect Parts “S/T”

Suspect Parts “S/T”

Sometimes a combination of words in a bio just means you know a band is right for you. In terms of Suspect Parts that means reference to 60’s pop, late 70’s California beach punk and powerpop. We’re not sure about ‘suspect parts’ but putting all those ingredients together sounds like a recipe for a great album.

The album opens with a great slacker power pop song in the shape of “Alright With Me”. Along with songs like “Live Over There” and “Out Of Place”” it had us reminiscing about the sadly under rated and long forgotten Star Spangles (a band we adored). Like that band, Suspect Parts deliver songs that are as focussed on delivering melody and almost ‘pop’ sound but in a more rocking and slightly sleazy way.

If you have any doubts of the importance of melody to the band then listen to the super catchy “Change Your Mind” which has a sound clearly influenced by the ‘fab four’. There is an almost Brit pop feel to “Overdrive” which is reminiscent of an early demo from Oasis when they were at their fiery peak.

All of the above, doesn’t mean that they aren’t equally gifted at delivering a snottier punk sound as shown by “Electrify Me, Honey” and “No-One From Nowhere”. Although even those songs still have a catchy beat behind the sneery vocals. Songs like “Run For Your Life” are just great power pop songs but with an added bit of kick. In fact, final song “She Gives Me Something To Sing About” could be a song from one of the greatest exponents of that sound, Redd Kross.

This is just a brilliant album for those of us who love the idea of the melody of a great pop songs but delivered by a spirited rock n roll band. They definitely get all the basics right, which is where so many bands go astray. That includes keeping it to ten excellent tracks, delivered in about 30 minutes with no filler or dud songs. It’s top quality, rocking power pop that we can highly recommend.

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