Tangerines “Into The Flophouse”

Tangerines “Into The Flophouse”


To be fair, when we first read about Tangerines it seemed like we were being set up to like them. A UK band playing a ramshackle kind of rock n roll with references to the Rolling Stones certainly sounds up our street. However, there were also nods to The Libertines, a band we really should love but for some reason have never been able to take to our heart.

Opener “Peckham Boys” certainly has a sound that we love. Along with tracks like the supremely catchy “You Look like Something I Kill” it does indeed have an old school, ram shackle, rock n roll feel to it. However, there is also an added bit of glamour to their sound. The quite brilliant “Long Way Home” has a sense of cabaret and showmanship that actually reminds us of the brilliant Mink Deville. It takes real style to deliver throw away rock n roll tunes with such panache.

Hearing songs like “Marlene” makes you feel like you’re discovering The Stones during their early demo stages. Indeed the difference between Tangerines and The Libertines is that on tracks like “Keep On Raining” and “Versailles” they recall the Velvet Underground so it’s a far more authentic junky rock sound. Whilst there’s certainly an element of wasted rock n roll to the songs, it also balanced by the more catchy sound of numbers like “Glam Glam” or the cowboy sound of “1945” (a song that actually has a hint of the wonderful vagabond band, The Dogs D’Amour about it).

Let’s be honest, many people may be quite disparaging about Tangerine’s sound. Granted, it’s not new and it certainly borrows from a whole list of bands who have peddled the more debaucherous side of rock n roll. But, it’s still a brilliant release. It gets the simple things right and is just a damn fine rock n roll album, something that is very rare these days. How good is it? Well the Tangerines are definitely one of our discoveries of 2017 and we’re going to buy the album on vinyl, surely the most appropriate format for 10 tracks of great, scuzzy rock n roll.

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