Angus & Julia Stone “Snow”

Angus & Julia Stone “Snow”


This is the fourth album from the Australian siblings, Angus and Julia Stone. It is also, quite remarkably, the first album that they wrote actually spending the time in the same room. Now, the question is whether that would end up in sibling fighting or harmony?

It’s the title track “Snow” that opens up the album and if you’re feeling stressed than this is a song to totally relax you. Starting with some beautiful la, la, las and then a perfect blend of Angus & Julia’s voices as they trade lines. The fact that their voices blend so well obviously shouldn’t come as a surprise given that they are brother and sister. Still, it’s that great combination which really lifts songs like “Sleep Alone” and “Baudelaire”.

There’s a real gentle melody to tracks like “Chateau” and “Who Do You Think You Are” which makes you feel like you are gently floating down an aural river. Importantly, it never falls into any kind of ‘twee’ territory. Indeed, there’s enough ‘grit’ in tracks like “Oakwood”, “Cellar Door” and “Nothing Else” to appeal to fans of the likes of Ryan Adams at his most reflective.

Be warned though, anyone expecting a ‘Rocky’ like anthem on “Sylvester Stallone” will be disappointed. Indeed, the calm and easy going nature of that track couldn’t be further away from the Hollywood ‘hard man’!

A varied record collection will always contain music for certain moods. Let’s be honest, you won’t be putting this on for a big Friday night out. But if you need to unwind after a hard day or have a lazy Sunday morning then this will be the perfect accompaniment. For us, it will provide a gentle oasis of calm amongst the frantic pace of life.

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