Waxahatchee “Out In The Storm”

Waxahatchee “Out In The Storm”


Waxahatchee are a band led by Katie Crutchfield, and this is actually her fourth release but, we’re ashamed to admit, the first that has come to our attention. We were made aware of her by a friend who asked if we’d heard that great upbeat song currently being played on BBC 6 Music. As soon as we heard that song, we knew we had to check the album out.

That great song is the one that opens up this album, “Never Been Wrong”. It’s a perfect combination of a pop melody and an indie guitar sound. Indeed, along with tracks like “Silver” and “Brass Beam”, it’s the kind of perfect Indie pop that Jenny Lewis is so brilliant at producing. With songs like “8 Ball” Waxahatchee manage to come across as both effortlessly cool but still enticing. It makes the songs instantly loveable.

There is, however, also a sense of a different character to some of the songs. As you’d expect from its title, “Recite Remorse” has a more melancholic feel to it. Then whilst “Sparks Fly” keeps a ‘lighter’ sound, there is still a darker tone to the song. These songs, together with the simpler singer songwriter style of “A Little More” bring added depth to the album.

Similar perhaps to Courtney Barnett, many of the tracks feel like the kind that would be played in films or maybe bars which you can’t help but feel are a bit too ‘cool’ or ‘hipster’ for you. However, once you are in there you’ll have a great time. There is warmth and appeal that means you can’t help but love them. Certainly, when you hear songs like “No Question” you will just want to keep playing it again and again.

The album keeps to a neat little package of ten songs (always a good sign). We understand this release might represent a slight shift in sound for Waxahatchee, perhaps into more accessible territory. If that is the case, it’s a huge success as this is one our favourite releases of the year so far. Like most good things, it keeps things simple and the focus seems to have been on producing an album chock full of great indie pop/rock songs.


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