Luke Yeoward “Ghosts”

Luke Yeoward “Ghosts”

Luke Yeoward may be a new name for most of you but some will be familiar with his former band King Cannons. A brilliant Aussie band that sadly split up just as we, somewhat belatedly, found out about them. They were a band who boasted a great modern rock sound along the lines of The Gaslight Anthem.

There’s certainly plenty to like for fans of King Cannons on this solo release from Luke. That’s clear right from opener “Ghosts” which is very Clash esque with Luke having a similar gruff but melodic voice to Mr Strummer. He clearly also has a knack for infectious rockers with a slight pop hook, as shown by “Who Can Save Us Now” and “Night Sparrow”.

However, this album also sees him stretching himself and bringing out a range of influences. That includes “Gainesville” which has a gentle, almost Paul Simon, feel to it. There is also a good dollop of reggae spice on “Cool Water” and “Half Way”. Although to fans of The Clash that link between punk and reggae won’t come as any kind of surprise.

He also demonstrates a more delicate side with the ballads “Whose Side Are You On” and “Red Eyes”. They’re poignant, slower tracks that are rich with emotion. But don’t panic rockers there is still plenty for you to enjoy on this release. Indeed, “Lookin’ For Heaven” is a straight up rock n roll song. Meanwhile tracks like “On Hoover Street” and “Let You Down” are big, sprawling pop/rock songs which tip a hat to the greats like Petty and Springsteen. They’re riding down the freeway, music playing loud songs.

This is certainly a quality release and keeping up the Gaslight references has a feel similar to Brian Fallon’s solo album. It shows Luke taking the influences of his former band and just stretching himself a little further. Let’s hope the variety and strength of the songs bring Luke the exposure and success here in the UK that his talent clearly deserves.

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