Danny & The Champions Of The World “Brilliant Light”

Danny & The Champions Of The World “Brilliant Light”

As we mentioned in our review (see here)  Danny & The Champions Of The World delivered an absolutely blinding set at this years Red Rooster Festival. We were therefore delighted to hear that they have a new album out.

Given how great their live sound was, it’s not surprising to learn that this album starts off very strongly. Opening tracks, “Waiting For The Right Time” and “Bring Me To My Knees” are rooted in Americana but also have a more soulful feel to them. What really makes them special is that they are just so effortlessly laid back. Along with “Coley Point” and “Hey Don’t Lose Your Nerve” they’re songs just made for day dreaming on a lazy sunny afternoon.

Where does that additional soul come from? Well, on tracks like “It Hit Me” and “Gotta Get Things Right In My Life”, it’s the way that they are punctuated with an organ and brass sound. That combined with Danny’s strong voice and the smooth background vocals really lift the sound of the songs. The lead vocals are also critical in carrying the ‘tear jerkers’ like “You’ll Remember Me” and “Don’t Walk Away”. These are kept well away from soppy ballad territory due to the strength of emotion contained within the songs.

As rockers at heart, it’s inevitably the more upbeat tracks that catch our ear. Songs like “Consider Me” and “Let The Water Wash Over You” are where the band really show the spark that was present in their live set. A particular highlight is the brilliantly catchy and infectious “It’s Just A Game (We’re Playing)”. Things even get a little funky on the almost seventies flavoured “Waiting For The Wheels To Come Off”. It’s a similar style employed on “Long Distance Tears”, a song which could have been disguised as a classic tune on the recent Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 soundtrack.

Having listened to this album, it’s no surprise that they were such a hit at Red Rooster. Their sound consists of elements of rock n roll, soul, Americana and old style Rhythm & Blues. All genres that are sure to appeal to “Roosters”. They’ve also created an album that is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny afternoon spent chilling out and enjoying a cold beer. So a great album for a perfect lazy day.

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