The Dirty Denims “Back With A Bang”

The Dirty Denims “Back With A Bang”

dirty denims

Sometimes you hear a band name and just know you’re gonna like them. That’s the case with the name The Dirty Denims. It instantly gives you a feel for their sound and you kind of know if you’re going to love them or not.

It’s a point they ram home with the title track and opening song on the album “Back With A Bang”. It’s an immediate, in your face, straight up rock number. Along with the awesome “Make Us Look Good” it follows the classic rock styling of someone like AC/DC. They’re big and bold rock tracks, not subtle but definitely great.

There is perhaps a bit more subtlety to “Heartbeat” which surprisingly adds a organ sound to the big choruses. It has more of a power pop style to it but the emphasis remains firmly on the power. Similarly, “Can’t Get Enough Of Rock N Roll” has a bubblegum rock sound that will definitely appeal to fans of Cheap Trick or some of the hair metal bans. It’s a great dirty rock n roll song.

What really comes across with songs like “Money Back Guarantee” and “Don’t Waste My Time” is they have a real swagger. It’s the kind of ballsy rock n roll that most bands are too scared to deliver these days.

It really is good to hear a band delivering rock songs without any sense of pretentiousness or at the other end of the scale mockery. This album won’t take you on a ‘journey of enlightenment’ but it will make you feel good and carefree. That’s just as valuable a reason to listen to music. As The Dirty Denims say “you can’t get enough rock n roll” in your life.

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