Tuxedo – “Tuxedo II”

Tuxedo – “Tuxedo II”


Tuxedo are a joint project between Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne and you won’t be surprised to learn that this is the second album. The band name may suggest something rather formal and serious but they actually promise to offer up something far funkier.

This album is like a journey through the ages of funk and soul. It begins with “Fux With The Tux” and “2nd Time Around” which are glorious seventies style funk songs. Tunes which conjure up images of hot summers and good times.

We then move more into the eighties with “Take A Picture”, a song with a Prince esque feel to it. There’s more of a soul feel to tracks like “Rotational” and “Special”. They’re songs that take us back to our school days and listening to soul songs on the radio. Indeed, we haven’t heard a soul song as smooth as “Shine” since the glory days of the legend Luther Vandross.

That’s not to say there isn’t something for the younger, more modern audience. “Scooters Groove” may still be ‘old school’ but it has an up to date feel to it. Mind you, anyone who has been drawn in to the funk world by the likes of Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson or Daft Punk will love the funky beats of “Back In Town” and “Livin’ 4 Your Lovin”.

We guess that’s kind of the point with this type of sound. It may be ‘retro’ but there is always a place for a bit of funk in your life. Let’s face it, Nile Rodgers has almost single handily proved that this funk soul sound will never die. So grab your dancing shoes and give this a spin!

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