Sisteray “15 Minutes”

Sisteray “15 Minutes”


Sisteray are a band which are currently building up quite a lot of press hype and expectation in the music industry. That is normally enough to put us off a band! But we sense that this time the hype might be deserved, particularly with references to an ability to ‘knock out effortless guitar riffs that burst with tuneful attitude’.

And, wow, this EP really grabs you from the opening track “Queen’s English”. It actually had us reminiscing about the first time we heard Oasis. It has that same sense of freshness and really explodes from the speakers. It also shows a nod to a sense of sticking up against ‘authority’ on behalf of the masses. The sound is also not a million miles away from Oasis as it’s raucous and in your face but still full of melody and charm. That passion, along with a neat line in contemporary based lyrics, is what gives songs like “Faaast Food” such an edge.

Given all the above, it’s perhaps ironic that they have a track called “Nostalgia Trick” which references “recycled grooves”! I guess that’s an important point, whilst the music may not be startlingly new in terms of it’s overall sound it still sounds totally relevant and current. Sure “Famous For Nothing” has a whiff of Arctic Monkeys at their spiky but pop best but these are no copy cats. Unlike the hordes of bands who have delivered watered down indie rockers over the last few years, this sounds like the real deal.

It has been a while since we last heard a band that just sounded so instantly important. As an EP this a thrilling and exciting listen. You sense they really could be huge. We can only hope that their star shines for a lot longer than ’15 minutes’!

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