Tommy & The Rockets “Rock N Roll Wrecking Machine”

Tommy & The Rockets “Rock N Roll Wrecking Machine”


Tommy & The Rockets hail from Denmark, not necessarily somewhere we immediately associate with rock n roll. But with a sound that has links to rock n roll, surf pop and the Ramones, we were keen to check this EP out.

It’s the title track “Rock N Roll Wrecking Machine” that opens up this EP and it’s an instantly catchy number. Along with “Hey Daisy” they’re a great combination of punk rock, bubblegum pop and Beach Boys surf music. Yeah, it has a slightly tacky feel to it but its sweet and damn good fun.

They try to toughen things up a bit with “Get Ready” but can’t resist accompanying it with some more Beach Boys esque ‘woo hoos’. But let’s face it, that never did The Ramones any harm! The EP is then all too sadly at an end with “Gonna Be Alright”. Yet another rock n roller with the benefit of some great girl group style backing vocals and harmonies.

This is a short, sharp, sweet injection of fun. The songs are far from intricate but they are super catchy and make you smile. It may not be particularly big or clever but if you’re feeling in a shit mood and just want to cheer yourself up then you can’t go wrong with this.

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