Go Fever “S/T”

Go Fever “S/T”


This is the debut album from Go Fever who are an indie rock band based in Austin. They focus on songs which have ‘insanely catchy pop leaning hooks, three part harmonies and classic rock and roll sound’ which seems like a pretty cool combination to us.

Some songs take you to a time, place or particular feeling. Opener “Come Undone” instantly makes you think of summer. It is really melodic and has an uplifting pop feel to it. “Folk Zero” is along the same lines and has a breezy and easy going style.

It’s not all happy go lucky though, “Small Talk” has a more abrasive, almost grunge-lite, sound. Then you get a surf pop noise on the enticing “Savannah”. One of the things this band do really well is to capture a sixties like style on songs like “United States Of My Mind” and “Outdoor Man” but without sounding twee or too retro. It’s the sort of sound which has been a success for bands like Best Coast.

Overall though it is impossible to listen to tracks like “Go Fever” and “Surprise I Never Loved You” without almost feeling the sunshine on your back. They’re deceptively simple sounding indie pop tracks. There’s no doubt that these songs could so easily soundtrack a sunny festival afternoon set.

Anyone caught up in the doldrums of a long cold winter could easily use this album as an antidote to any winter blues. We can only hope we get the BBQ summer that this album would be the perfect soundtrack for…now, where did we put those flip flops!!

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