Beat Degeneration – “Dream Machine”

Beat Degeneration – “Dream Machine”


Beat Degeneration is actually the work of  Slacker-Punk polemic, Guido Giorgi who was previously  a member of Jennifer Gentle (SubPop Records). Guido is described as an artist who ‘wears his heart on his sleeve and combines all things punk, indie and pure outlandishness into his own unique brand of Noise Pop for the youthful and the disaffected’.

The album opens with the quite glorious “Nations”. The term ‘slacker punk’ has been used to describe their sound but songs like the opener, “Goodbye” and “My Dear Old Enemy” are just brilliant, exuberant indie tracks to us. When you hear the brilliant “I Wanna Live In NYC” it’s like the band have cherry picked the best bits of Brit pop, baggy and US Alternative music. It perhaps shouldn’t work but it’s actually really great.

The opening and swirling sound of “Torn” give it an almost Beatles feel. Similarly, “Sweet Louise” is like the indie ballad that Noel Gallagher used to kick out when Oasis were a hungry young band. Those songs contrast with the more ‘alternative’, off the wall sound of “I’m Not Good Enough” which is almost like Beck at his most commercial.

That’s the great thing with this release, each song seems to offer something different. You get the psychedelic sound of “Siberian Dreams” and then the shamanic drums that accompany the essentially pop sound of “Like Wind”.

It really is great to hear a genuinely exciting indie band. This is an album which flirts with lots of different genres and influences, but the most important thing is it has some great tunes. Although the band may be Italian, you can’t help but feel they must be lovers of British indie rock. Want the best bit of news about this release……. you can get if for free HERE …so what are you waiting for?!?


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